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Combine the styles of music you want played!


With the option of 2-3 different Music Channels you can pick your favourite musical genres and styles to be played simultaneously. A popular idea when booking a Silent Headphone Disco is to theme your event with the style of music. When theming an event why not add some unusual performers to give your party that extra edge. See below for some of our most popular themes, DJ styles and unusual performers to accompany your Silent Disco DJs at your private or corporate event.


Popular Themes

  • Café Del Mar
  • Festival Fever
  • Reeling in the years 60’s – 00’s
  • 70’s Disco Inferno
  • Latin Fever
  • Carnival Theme

DJ Styles

  • Club, Dance, Techno, House, Electro
  • Chart, Pop
  • Indie, Rock n Roll, Blues
  • RnB, HipHop, Rap
  • Dubstep, Punk
  • Retro
  • Unusual Requests include, Swing, Jazz, Opera, Latin and many more

For more creative, helpful and friendly advice on unique entertainment ideas and booking Ireland’s premier Silent Headphone Disco for your corporate event, wedding, festival or private party CALL +353 1 201 3660 or EMAIL to speak to our team here at Silent Disco Ireland.


Silent Disco Rental