Kids Parties with Silent Headphone Disco

Kids Parties with Silent Headphone Disco

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10 Best Reasons To Book A Silent Headphone Disco For Your Christmas Party
September 29, 2015
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Christmas Parties with a Silent Headphone Disco!
July 20, 2016
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Create for your child a very special and unforgettable party experience, which will live on in memory and fill a room with laughter.
A Kids Silent Headphone Disco!


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Silent Disco Ireland not only caters for adults but the team behind our Silent Headphone Disco put
their heads together in order to present to you and your beloved little ones a one-of-a-kind party
experience, which will beat all their friends’ parties and will have your kid known as the “Party King”

We provide children themed silent disco parties, teen discos, school discos and any other celebrations
your child will enjoy before growing “old”, throughout Ireland.
Children Headphone Discos are a true joy of ours and our highly qualified DJs know exactly how to entertain
a crowd of teenagers, taking it in their stride with appropriate music and presentation that is very
definitely family orientated and a Unique Kid’s Party Hit for all attending.



From the first dance to the last dance our Silent Headphone Disco DJs know how to host a party and
play the music that all the kids want to hear, from the youngest too the eldest we will make sure
we have a great selection of songs for your Child’s Silent Disco Playlist, taking into account all your and the
children requirements, with the primary aim the guests enjoy every minute of the entertainment we

On top of it all, with a backing of 25+years within the Entertainment industry we assure our DJs
are well dressed, reliable, punctual, fun and professional and will make sure they’ll arrive at
your venue in time to set up and be ready well before your son or daughter’sĀ friends arrive, creating a
unique atmosphere and unforgettableĀ Kids Parties with Silent Headphone Disco.



To book your child’s favourite Disco Party ever – call +353-1-201-3660 to talk to our Silent Disco Ireland team.

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